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Marine Services

Marine Services

We offer a comprehensive range of marine services tailored to enhance and facilitate various maritime activities. These crucial services ensure the smooth and secure operation of vessels, ports, and maritime infrastructure. Here are key categories within our marine support services:

• Tugboat Assistance
• Port Operations
• Marine Salvage and Rescue
• Marine Surveying

Vessel Management and Operations

Offering expertise in vessel selection, procurement, and chartering.

Providing technical and operational support for vessel maintenance, repair, and inspections.

Optimizing vessel routes and schedules for efficient cargo transport.

Cargo Handling and Transportation

Assisting with cargo stowage, securing, and handling procedures.

Offering guidance on specialized cargo requirements, including hazardous materials or oversized shipments.

Managing cargo documentation and customs clearance.

Cross Chartering

“Cross chartering” in the context of an offshore company refers to our ability to arrange the chartering or hiring of vessels specifically suited for major offshore projects. This service involves securing the use of vessels such as heavy lift ships, multipurpose vessels, and bulk carriers for transporting large, heavy, or specialized cargoes essential for offshore endeavors.

As an offshore company, our focus is on providing cross chartering solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of substantial offshore projects. This entails arranging the most suitable vessels from our versatile fleet to ensure the efficient and secure transportation of oversized equipment, machinery, infrastructure components, or any cargo essential for significant offshore ventures. Our expertise lies in orchestrating these charters, ensuring that the right vessels are available to support the logistics needs of large-scale offshore initiatives across various industries.