• To be the provider of choice for Offshore Supply and Marine Services while we act in accordance with our core values and integrity.


  • To collaborate with the Oil and Gas producers, while taking into consideration the less mature markets.
  • To continuously renovate our fleet and thus eliminate aged vessels, capitalization contemporary OSV and JUB’s.
  • To deliver reliable services at fair market rates while assuring 100% customer satisfaction each time.
  • To motivate our crew and employees to achieve growth and development by offering innovative solutions to our clients based on resilient principles.


  • Customers come first – Our determining commitment is to help our customers to do the best for their customers and the public. Respect and honor their choices, individually and as a whole.
  • Serve our customers to the best of our abilities – If we get this correctly, then  we have succeed in understanding their needs.
  • Do it well or don’t bother – We make and deliver services which make us proud.
  • Be open and transparent – We promote open dialogues, criticism, and planed actions.
  • Change is never easy – But we are committed and willing to make a difference. Even if it’s a small one.
  • We are proud of our people – We value and encourage employee self improvement and we know our future successes depend on them.