Whitesea’s operations and management team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the marine technical, maintenance, dry-docking, logistics, procurement, crewing, and project management that span over several decades. We specialize in Self-Propelled Self-Elevating Liftboats, Jack-Ups and Accommodation Barges, Towing & Supply Boats, Salvage and Anchor Handling Operation, Jack-Up Drilling Rigs, Crew Boats, and Dumb Barges.
With many vessels owned, chartered, and managed, Whitesea has a great relationship with various suppliers and vendors in the region allowing it to provide great services efficiently and professionally. Our ISO and ISM standards ensure regulatory compliance through every step of the way ensuring that all our customers consistently receive best services each time.

  • Certified to operate ships as per the ISM Code
  • ISO 9001:2014 Standards
  • ISO 14001:2014 Standards
  • Crew Management
  • We offer certified and experienced personnel for short or long term contracts. Whether it is just one or a full crew, we ensure they are always matched with the right company and for the right job. Our management centers are supported by global manning officers to recruit certified & skilled seafarers and coordinate all your crewing needs.
  • Recruiting
  • Crew Training
  • Crew Processing
  • Payroll & Payments
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Clearances & Permits
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Interview & Hiring, Planning
  • Compliance Assurance (Visa, medical, and certificate)
  • Technical and Marine Superintendent Services
  • Our team is dependable, reliable, and well-versed in the area of supervision. We work closely with a number of different departments to ensure the execution of projects is done in a timely manner and with limited exposure to technical difficulties.
    Our skilled technical teams monitor vessel performance and condition through regular reporting from the ships and detailed on-board inspections. This ensures that owners get the greatest value from their assets which are fully maintained, surveyed, and audited to comply with all national and international legislation.
    Detailed running cost reports are prepared to ensure that owners are kept fully informed of the financial position, and regular meetings are held with owners to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of the vessel performance. This also allows us to propose upgrades to owners in order to comply with future legislation and maximize efficiency.
    Management of the supply of stores and spares in a prompt and economic manner is one of the keys to good management. Our procurement team is well experienced to maximize leverage to obtain significant discounts.
  • New Building Support
  • Progress Reports
  • Defect Reports
  • Safety Audits
  • Quality Control
  • Maintenance Supervision
  • Surveys and Repair Projects Management
  • Dry Dockings Supervision
  • With professional planning, preparation and execution, we make dry docking predictable and efficient. We easily identify objectives by engaging with the Ship owners, preparing comprehensive specifications, and executing projects according to plans. We have a dedicated docking team to work closely with the yard for:
  • Priority for dock space
  • Better influence on outcome
  • Improved quotations (Cost and time)
  • Single point of contact for shipyards management

Our capabilities extend to:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Waste Management
  • Engine Overhauls and Repairs
  • Surface Preparation and Coating
  • Underwater repairs and maintenance
  • Structural Repairs and Replacement, Plating, Piping and Painting
  • Marine Logistics & Support Services
  • Transportation of Cargo, Conducting Surveys, Standby duties, ROV support and general supply and cargo operations for offshore clients operated by highly professional crew to provide cost effective services to clients.
  • Procurement Management
  • Project Management
  • We make sure your project is successful by bringing in all the right people and the right factors together through a careful and efficient selection process.
  • Feasibility Study
  • Budget Preparations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Planning & Cost Control
  • Inspections & Supervisions
  • Technical and Financial Reporting
  • Class & Flag State Requirement Identification
  • Consultancy Contract
  • We have the human and technical resources, the international footprint, and the depth of knowhow and experience to help clients achieve success easily.
  • Operations
  • Design-Build
  • Insurance & Claims
  • Program Management
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Safety and Quality Services